Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Free B Day Canna in Santa Fe, NM - ABQ - & Around 11/2023

COME CHECK OUT THE NEW MEXICO BURLESQUE FESTIVAL AT THE KIMO IN ABQ 2/11/2024! Catch Drag King Rusty Galore Nutz perform his stripping drag hit, Dr Greenthumb!

On 11/15 & 11/16  2023 -   I collected 23 FREE BIRTHDAY GRAMS (Joints/Flower)

I spent a total of $10 on weed

and tipped $1 at every dispensary I visited and took care of my budtenders.

2 hours in SF & 2 hours in abq


Will be kept updated, check back for more! 

MOST on bday ONLY - unless listed 

Most HAVE to be on royalty programs - ALL Rec 

Santa Fe , NM - 

**(ABQ) Prohibition 37 - preroll -         Scored 2x in both cities 

**(ABQ) Everest - gram/preroll = 1 cent    Scored 2x in both cities 

(ABQ) Verdes - 15% off purchase (5 day b4 b-day of 5 day after)

(ABQ) High dessert Relief - Spend $10 = preroll

**(ABQ) PURlife - Preroll/pkg gummies -    Scored 2x in both cities 

SW Canna - buy something = .5 preroll free 

(ABQ) Minerva - Preroll for a penny ONLY FOR MED

KURE - 10mg lollipop 

Rocky Mountain Canna - pre roll - Scored 

**(ABQ) R Greenleaf - pre roll - scored 2x in both cities 

**ENDO - gram/pre roll - scored 

**Deepsky - BOGO Gram - scored 2x at both SF locations 

Green Fuego - 10% off

Sacred Garden - Stash Jar 

**(ABQ) Leaf & Flower - Gram -      Scored 2x in both cities

SF Sugar Leaf - 10% off

Keyway Marketplace - Spend $15 = preroll 

**(ABQ) HVST - Gram -   Scored 

Dreamz - 10% off

Around SF/ABQ

Wo-Poi (Tesuque) 10% off

**Seven Points Farm (Sandia Park) 7 days b4 or after b-day - gram  

Stopped by this location & ABQ on 11/15  day b4 b-day,  got 2 grams for free! (1 gram at each)


**NCABQ - Gram/Pre Roll - Scored

Sawmill - $1 pre roll, your choice

**Amnesia - penny pre roll

Organica - BOGO deal (ALL THEY SAID)

Trident - 1 cent pre roll w/ purchase 

Got Greens?- Spend $5 = pre roll 

**Canvas - pre roll

**1861 Market - pre roll

Stoned Ape (delivery only) free gram w/ any purchase/delivery residential delivery only 

**Seven Points Farm - Gram 

**ABQ Craft Canna - (First time Customer .1 preroll) + Bday free preroll 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Gratitude Check, Day 3

 Performance Success 

Rusty Nutz, Drag King

When I started doing drag, I was coming from one of the roughest and toughest times of my young adult life - I was previously physically/emotionally/verbally abused by 2 lovers bck2bck & then sexually assaulted - Hate Crime some may say..... 

Being on stage came naturally for me - being since I was a "bad kid" who was often found in their bedroom growing up b/c I was grounded frequently, I entertained for an audience that was made up, but I performed a lot in my bed room for this imaginary audience. Which, I believe is the reason I find being on stage so comfortable and natural. As anyone could imagine, this young child was starving for love and appreciation. 

I am happy with my success and I am pushing my boundaries a little further this year by producing a few shows. I am grateful to be able to entertain, bring people together for a good time, provide a safe place to meet new people and raise $$ for the community. What also feels really good is being able to help other performers that are newer or new to our state by providing them a place to perform as well and mentorship. 

I have been on so many show flyers, performed for large & small prides, performed in festivals, produced and worked with MLB and hopefully ABQ Isotopes & even NM United. I am grateful to be able to perform all over the USA for so many people. Its an honor and I am entirely grateful to have this safe and comfortable outlet of performance art. Challenging myself this year with burlesque aspect as well as putting myself out there at prides and festivals all over the USA. 


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Gratitude Check Day #2


So grateful for KQ and how amazing of a spouse she is. I dont really understand why I am so lucky to have her in my life? I dont deserve her but I am working on treating her better and not taking her for granted. Our marriage shifted in the last 2 years, and being able to still have her and our marriage on the other side of all of this is a blessing. Right now, my wife is helping me care for my mouth which was just operated on. She has been caring for me and she is the best caretaker. She is amazing and I am learning to re-trust her. I need to learn to talk better with her. The more I take care of myself, the better I can take care of my wife and my marriage. Its really obvious. 

I vow to continuously work adjusting my life so its not toxic, so I can bring out the fucking amazing qualities I love about Angela and nurture them, let them grow & encourage her to grow. Her love for me, that I feel from her and what she brings into my World and my heart and soul is something I can not describe. I just know she is my piece and I need to do a better job at treating her better, being just nice and respectful towards her. I dont know where this went but I am finding it again. Letting go of resentment and working on loving her in the best way that I can. I am SO grateful for my marriage and my love, KQ 

Monday, January 17, 2022

30 Day Gratitude Check, Day 1. 01172022

Day 1 - Connections 

I am grateful for the connections I have made with a lot of people in the cities I have lived in. Because of Sara from EFC, I was inspired to start this daily gratitude check in challenge, for 30 days - at least. Today, being grateful for these connections with all of these people, some of whom I call friends - help me heal. The bond and connection to people is strong and beautiful. Like, If I didn't build a connection with Sara at my old job, then I would have not been inspired by her influence to start this daily check in which is going to help me grow up and mature and really really understand the importance of gratitude. 

Presently, I am working on building connections in my home city. 

I sent Sara a thank you message via FBM. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Unfinished business 03192017

As an outsider looking down on my life, right now, one would possibly describe the scene as a built up energy time bomb exploding and spewing with shame, disgust, sorrow, and anguish. The liquid demon has it's prey, yet again. Just like the Eagle, I too aim to catch prey. The prey is my own heart, which currently I feel miles away from, not millions as before. The journey to my heart is coming closer, day by day. There isn't anyone that can come before me or my heart, they are now considered scared. I must do whatever it takes to secure, nourish, and love it or it gets possessed by the liquid demon. 

The infamous liquid demon, the one I feel as if I can control, but it always controls me. Its a dead end street, a grave, cold, and stinky. The liquid demon is sneaker than I, more courageous than I, a liar, a thief, a manipulator, a narcissist and an asshole. I've wrestled with the liquid demon most of my life however, starting today, I'm done wrestling and I surrender. It's time for a big ol flush, or else I will just sit here, stagnate, cold, stinky and grey. This picture is not the ideal picture one envisions for their life, well not me anyways.

These lotuses remind me that I thought it was just me, but it isn't. I am not alone in this struggle, strength is in numbers. The struggle with addiction is not the only layer in my multifaceted past, present and future however, day by day is my motto and today looks really bright. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Oh, the ice cubes that go swirling around that deadly combination of liquid poison, depending on that day, that combination could have been whiskey or vodka, premium of course.

 Completely unsure, really, about the depth of this grave. Clawing away at the soil, my fingers are cut up and numb as I pass through the layers of built up anger, guilt, pain, addiction and suffering. They are layers that I must claw away at so that they can be left behind me and blow away in the wind. I'd rather be like the eagle who soars with the wind,  uses its resource as an ally, gracefully soaring among great heights, full of determination and ownership over its prey. 

Like the eagle, and with its majestic eyes, one observing the ground and waters that lie below it, searching for its prey, I too am observing my environments and people I allow inside. I have sought prey that, one would presently say, are GMO's, like one would find at Rainbow in the produce department  pretending to be real. All along, the prey that needs to be eaten are prey that are real, make me strong, build me up and trust my intentions. Those are the only prey, I will now, forever seek. Ones that live in truth and believe in justice. Prey that are actively seeking a way to better themselves in order to make the World we all live in, a better place.